What Is Marketplace Listing Software And How To Choose The Best One For Your Business?

Merchants can utilize multiple selling channels for their goods (Amazon, Rakuten, eBay and more). It helps to grow 
sales, but it comes with the necessity to handle increased workloads. Starting to sell your items in multiple outlets can 
be easy, however, as you expand your operations, you will most likely need some marketplace listing software that will 
allow you to feed your items into various channels from a single central interface.

The good news is that there is a large number of marketplace listing software available on the market today that can 
help you facilitate your listing processes. They have been developed to help you handle the listings and the other 
processes connected with your e-store operation (order management, deliveries, and payment). Retailers can also use 
marketplace listing software to communicate with their customers, market their goods, offer coupons and so on. 
Without the use of marketplace listing software retailing on several platforms can look like taking care of several 
business enterprises simultaneously. With marketplace listing software, merchants can have a clear picture of their 
stock levels. Besides, the reports and analytics generated by marketplace listing software can give vital real-time info 
of all the business-related processes, which would be impossible without such programs.

When you sell the goods online, you need to be aware of the possibility of overselling. It can disappoint customers when 
the products they decided to buy go out-of-stock. Therefore, keeping your data adjusted and updated will give you the 
opportunity to watch your stock levels in real time. It can be done with the help of marketplace listing software. When 
you sell an item on one of the platforms the data on the stocks gets automatically updated. Keeping track of such 
updates is not so difficult if you sell only a few products on several channels, but if the number of your e-store catalog 
items grows, you can get in a very challenging situation. Inventory management is a critical task when it comes to 
retailing on multiple selling platforms. Marketplace listing software can help you streamline all the processes on 
numerous platforms.

The demand for such solutions that can help merchants to handle their business operations on multiple platforms made 
some companies develop marketplace listing software that allows integrating e-stores with a variety of popular 
marketplaces. Marketplace listing software provides a convenient interface. It means that a merchant doesn’t need to 
switch back and forth between his e-stores on various platforms every time he needs to for example issue an invoice or 
ship an order.

Online retailers can manage all the above mentioned and other challenges by just installing one of the programs with 
the centralized interface. Omni Channel Hub provides comprehensive information and access to the innovative 
ecommerce solutions allowing merchants to operate their stores on multiple channels efficiently getting excellent results. 

Merchants who want to install such a solution may have a hard time to choose one because the market offers myriads of 
marketplace listing software solutions providing different quality and value. In this review, we will try to guide you 
through this giving you the info about several options from leading brands.

One of such companies is called ChannelAdviser.  Its Enterprise edition provides a substantial bundle of marketplace 
listing software and other essential solutions for mid-sized and large companies. It can guarantee that this software will 
also help with optimizing contents, online marketing and more.
The complexity of this program (especially Enterprise edition) makes it less suitable for small businesses. But even big 
companies may need to utilize it in combination with other ecommerce software. Besides, it can be quite expensive for 
some merchants.

The other solution with similar capabilities is called ChannelGrabber. It was created back in 2012. It offers several editions. 
Many experts value this software and consider it a cost-effective product. The automation allows integrating all the 
processes smoothly while paying only fifty pounds monthly.
However, you need to be careful when it comes to various editions of this software. The newer ones may not offer full 
functionality and may limit your options.

Another marketplace listing software called Cloud Commerce can give merchants an array of useful functions. It also 
provides an essential CRM in its Professional edition. One of the shortcomings is that the company does not offer a free 
trial. Only their demo can give you some info on the program. The price can also be somewhat steep for some businesses. 
The configuration of this marketplace listing software is also a bit complicated.

One of the UK companies called Expandly also gets in front of their customers a multi-faceted program that can work as 
marketplace listing software while providing many other tools (for managing inventories, shipments, generating reports, 
etc.) The starting price is very affordable and comprises just twenty pounds for one vendor and several marketplaces. One 
of the challenges of using it is that the info can be only imported in CSV exclusively. Also, the more complicated editions 
(such as Enterprise level) feature a mandatory setup by Expandly. The charges for that can be quite expensive (starting 
from three hundred pounds). Another problem can be the unavailability of functions for creating invoices and messages.

A marketplace listing solution called Orderhive provides additional capabilities (such as invoice creation, managing orders 
and more) while offering inexpensive starting price (fifty dollars a month). It features integration with favorite selling 
channels. The software utilizes American-based courier companies. But its low cost of a starting package restricts some 
opportunities and impose limitations. Only if a merchant gets a pricier package starting from a hundred and fifty dollars, 
he can get some features (such as API and more).  Some add-ons can enhance the functionality of this program, but this 
can increase the overall cost of this marketplace listing software. The software optimization is performed for the American 
market, and it offers insufficient support for the clients in other countries.

Seller Dynamics is yet another brand offering some useful automation of the listing and other processes. It provides an 
excellent price point for a start (just twenty pounds paid monthly). The good thing is that customers can integrate virtually 
any number of selling platform and operate them using only one interface.

To summarize our review, we would like to say that online retailers need to do extensive research before choosing the 
software for their e-stores. They all have different tools and features, and it is essential to find the one that suits the needs 
of your particular business.